Pedigree for MiSue Time in Motion
American Morgan Horse Register

Registration     Certificate
The pride and product of America
This certifies that the Morgan gelding
named MiSue Time in Motion
foaled April 19, 2002  Color CHESTNUT
   "Qualified by Blood Testing"
Bred by
  Eileen M Barnes
  Seeley Lake, MT
Small thin cresent star, upper right. Brown eyes. Median cowlick at eye level. Thin snip between nostrils.
Chief Red Hawk 11365
Funquest Speedy 19357
Funquest Falconess 013263
Funquest Roadmaster 95383
Funquest Falcon 12358
Funquest Rapsody 022414
Star of Cornwall 010225
Crown Masterpeace 134142
Waseeka Peter Piper 18030
Mantic Peter Frost 68202
Ledgemere Frolic 020881
Mantic Catalina 089431
Windcrest Bob B 12097
Porvenir Glamor Girl 020744
Fashion Plate 011303
   MiSue Time in Motion *RAF*
Waseeka's Nocture 11181
Troutbrook Playboy 19755
Mistress Merridawn 09504
Shaker's Alimon 68919
Orcland Vigildon 10095
Bro Rock Vigilmaud 013284
Mayquinn 010909
MiSue Moment in Time 0119029
Orcland Bold Fox 14495
Triton Black Watch 19777
Twilights Tinkerbell 012929
Noble Susan 028180
Eric 9107
Poco's Dream Girl 08614
Miss President Morgan 06917
Record Owner
  Eileen M. Barnes
  Seeley Lake, MT

is registered in the American Morgan Horse Register